Pennsylvania Bobcat caught December 2010

Pennsylvania Bobcat December 2010

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16 oz. Superior Blend PRO’S SELECT Red Fox Urine

16 oz. of Superior Blend PRO’S SELECT Red Fox Urine. We’ve added the finest red fox glands to this urine.
This is allows a trapper to add urine and gland lure in one easy squirt. We have some trappers buy this by the gallon every year.

We are very proud of our urine. I am friends with our supplier and know of the great care that they put into producing quality urine.

I know they care about their animals and also know of the work they go to keep the cages clean (unclean cages produce contaminated urine).
Their animals are meat fed to produce a rich smelling urine. All of the urine is strained twice. This urine is the highest quality available.

This urine is so clean that it can be stored for years. You can buy urine for less, but it will be difficult for you to buy urine this good.

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Bob-Tailed Meat Bait for Predators

9 oz. of Superior Blend BOB-TAILED .

This is a Bobcat meat bait for predators. This bobcat meat tainted slightly in an easy to use paste form. Tired of stink baits??  Red fox and coyote love to dig this up and try to eat it. A paste bait for fox, coyote, bobcats and fishers. 10 years on the market, proven and effective.  We have shipped this  bait to all points in the USA. As with all our lures and baits [for experienced trappers]- money back if not satisfied.  You will not be disappointed.